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ABOUT Capt. Justin Suarez

Fishing has always been more than a hobby to me, more than just a sport. Fishing has always been my way of life. From as early as I can remember I was absolutely addicted to fishing. I would day dream about fishing, I would write stories about fishing, I would draw fish, I would even have elaborate dreams of landing legendary Granders. Fish were on my mind twenty four hours a day 7 Days a week and they still are!

I have fished the entire coastline of NJ targeting all our local species. Popping for Striped Bass, Buck Tailing for Doormat Fluke and Jigging for Gator Blues are some of my favorites but the angling opportunities that exist along our coast are quite varied.

NJ Fishing is always an afterthought to people not from here but the truth of the matter is that NJ has some of the best fishing in the country. We have year round fishing in our bays and nearshore reefs and wrecks for Black Sea Bass, Codfish, Fluke, Winter Flounder, Blackfish, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Porgies and many more species.


We also have an incredible fishery for Tuna, Swordfish, several species of Sharks, Marlin, Mahi Mahi and more. But let's not forget that NJ is like an oceanic highway for pelagic species traveling up the Gulf Stream so aside from the already mentioned species we have a lot of drag pulling by-catches like Cobia in the 50lb range Red drum in the surf and believe it or not a stray tarpon in the southern most parts of the state from time to time, depending on how close the Gulf Stream is running.

It's not a bad NJ day when you can troll or chunk some tuna, yet even better throw poppers and slam some Gaffer Mahi, and then load up on cod and seabass all in the same day!


The fishing seems to get even better in the late fall and winter when the Tautog start chewing on crabs and the Striped Bass are on the move south to their winter grounds in the Chesapeake and further south passed Virginia feasting on massive schools of Menhaden off of our coast on their trek down.

For all reasons stated above I can say my favorite place to fish on the east coast is right on my home waters of NJ. It's the most magical place to fish and call home.


Capt. Justin Suarez

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