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Lions, Tigers, and CROCS, OH MY!

Hand Feeding Wild Crocs
This Guy is CLEARLY out of his bird!

We arrived at the Tarcoles River and met our guide, Ronnie. Ronnie welcomed us to the most crocodile populated waters in Central America. There were an inconceivable number of North American Freshwater Crocodiles in the Tarcoles River and it was simply unbelievable. These crocs owned this river and they were most definitely in charge. We slowly traveled the river taking pictures and viewing these massive creatures but as we approached a muddy cove I realized the unthinkable was about to happen. Our Captain tied the boat to a pvc pole he inserted into the mud and hopped out with strips of chicken necks in his hands and began to tease and feed a Crocodile that was all of 18 feet long! I couldn't believe what I was witnessing and how calm our captain was while he sank into the MUD with a giant COW eating crocodile. After we took some photos and videos we asked the Captain to get back in the boat. We saw a few more crocodiles and our captain hopped out a couple more times leaving us asking ourselves if he had some type of neurological dysfunction or lacked the gene that helped him process fear. We continued down the river in absolute awe of the raw nature that seemed to be painted by the hand of an artist and soon we were back at the dock all of us, including the captain, retaining all of our limbs. 

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