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Costa Rica Adventures!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Jersey Justin heads down to Costa Rica for a winter escape and gets into some Sailfish...and CROCS!

Nice Sailfish just released!

Sailfish, Crocs and ATVS, Jersey Justin heads down to Costa Rica to get a taste of the "Pura Vida"

“Pura Vida Amigo!”

After a quick 4.5 hour flight, Jersey Justin made it to San Jose Airport and started making his trek down to the legendary Los Suenos Resort where he would get ready for an all out Sailfish jamboree!

Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful. Jungle, beach, farm, mountain, and epic waters make up this beautiful oasis, and without a doubt the people here live a truly "Pura Vida", Pure Life. The first day we headed on some local adventures which consisted of feeding some of the largest crocodiles I had ever seen, and riding some atvs on a private farm that made me feel like a kid again. As fun as these adventures were, the hours couldn't fall off the clock fast enough to get to our first day that proved to be some epic fishing!

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